Negative Emotions - The Messengers that tell us exactly were we are stuck

Updated: May 12, 2020

So today we have this beautiful theme that touches most of us. That is what we call negative emotions and how they are a gate for perception of where we are in that moment. So first of all, I would like to say that what we call negative emotions. In my perspective, I understand the concept at the surface that we have a need to catalog positive emotions and negative emotions in terms of pleasure and suffering that put us in a place that we can be calm, can we feel love, can we feel at peace, that we can feel joy. Or the other ones that we can feel anger and anxiety, depressed. But in my perspective for what I've been growing in myself, I can't see anything as positive or negative emotions in that sense. Any emotion is an energy and movement. If we dive deep in who we truly are, we can observe that most of you already do it with the work that we have been doing or with all the work that you have been doing in your life growing your inner observer