We all want a revolution in our lives, we want better wages, more time, competent politicians that not stole us, we want happy relationships, we want to be loved, we want people to respect us and to recognize us, we want to work less, we want better teachers, we want better kids, we want better parents .... we want everything to revolutionize around us to be happy!

At last We want a social revolution ... yes, we want, and preferably without great work on our part .... because we are the misunderstood, the workers, the ones who love, those who help others, those who do not bother anyone ....

Welcome to an era where the soul is empty of meaning, where few human beings are idealists and fight for real principles, where they lack muscle tone in the spirit that was blown at birth into this body that gives life .... weak body, weak soul.

We are empty of what we should be full of, we are full of what should not even be thought to be real ... But it is human life, the human being.

We are a society where we can not say NO to children. In fact, we prefer not to say no so we are not disturbed ... to this annoyance that is called education will later be called deep solitude, because we have not given the example of what it is to be present, to really care for the life of another being human ... the conversations will be lacking in the age that is fed only by real relationships ... because when we are with our feet almost on the other side, where we already feel the "spiritual" force of life ... of death, we are confronted with what truly matters. We will miss the conversations between true souls because we were negligent with our little children and grandchildren ... they have absent parents right there, in the same room, in fact they have zombies in which the blood they expect is a dormancy between quick images and short texts, movies of 1 minute maximum at social media ... in the age of  true conversations will only remain the empty walls .... because those of your age begin to die.

If you want, if you care, if you still feel, if you think something has to change ... you have to start for yourself .... your soul, your body, your life is what you have in your hands... and for a short time.


You are the only thing that can really and profoundly change ... everything else you can only contribute .... with who you are, with your example, with your vibration, with your breathing .... with your soul.

We are in an era where water is lacking, we are destroying forests even though we know that we are going to kill our future, only for the temporal benefit of some, food goes to waste in city containers, when thousands die for having nothing to eat, a world where we do not manifest ferociously by inertia and a great comfort zone, even if it means the genocide of millions ... we enslave people with minimum wages provoking them insatiable hunger for luxuries that they can only live through the instagram, these are the new prisons ... golden for some, well black for others ...

If we want to see some real change go deep into your being, look for your pains, your vices, your masks, your hatreds and grudges, your revenges, your sorrows, your frustrations ... immerse yourself in them, confront yourselves, see, accept yourself and you will see that everything is solved with many doses of truth, forgiveness and love.

Does it hurt? Yes, it hurts! But it's up to you, it's your responsibility, only then you will be able to regain your self-confidence, self-respect, respect, dignity, sensitivity, creativity, peace... only then you will stop being that human being complacent with such madness and inhumanity, only then you will have the strength to when you reach power "not to sell your soul to the devil", only then you will have the courage to apologize when you misses and to say what is wrong ... only then you will have respect for the others and for differences ....

Have courage and grab your inner revolution ... all social revolutions are doomed to failure until a great mass of people awake, only a mass of living souls can sustain principles in practical life ...

We are in a time when it is fashionable to be spiritual GURU or a King of personal development ... that serves so little... if in life, day to day this is not real... How do you not understand this???????

Do you not read History ???? History is missing in schools and talks ... if you read the history of your ancestors, the history of religion, the history of power, the history of philosophy, of war .... you would be ashamed of talking so much and doing nothing ... because we already know that only serves to inflate egos, attract more conflicts and kill even more people .... sad hypocrisy, because it is really based on lack of education and training.

How could we, as humanity, still allow leaders, presidents to be what they are?

Did we learn nothing from the first and second world war? And all the other genocides that still happen inside our television ... But I remind you, it's not just images ... it's happening.

How do so many of us still live in this space of rancor, fear, xenophobia, hatred, lust, envy, greed ... We should be thinking more about human education instead instead of economy that is constantly in crisis and provoking crisis. In fact, what is in crisis is the HUMAN SOUL, so our lifestyle is only the reflection of that soul that sleeps.

Why do not we look inside and see what we carry for centuries, generations? We need interior revolutions in each of us urgently ... we do not need to become false saints, we need to be responsible for what we feel, think and do.

WE URGENTLY NEED THE INTERIOR REVOLUTION if we want to see in practice tolerance, understanding, value of life, love, respect, difference, peace, if we want to have yet our planet in the very near future ... water, oxygen , healthy earth ... if we want our planet to survive human unconsciousness, we need to revolutionize our being and start giving space to the soul ... the human soul knows that it is linked to the soul of the planet, knows that we are one ... that everything is interdependent.

As we are so drowned in such arrogance, no matter how many scientific data and studies, evidence of a devastating future, we do not stop… WHY? Yes, because there is still time ... The time of the Human Soul must begin truly, so society can be a reflection of a true and felt will ... only then we can have a chance not to condemn our children.

We are in an age where crimes of the Middle Ages seem atrocious to us, but we have never been as close to our possible end as now.

Being a person full of hope ... believing that we can wake up and start giving importance to what you really have ... 

We have already taken so important steps in our history, it is time to give one more, one deep that leads to a new social revolution, the revolution of the soul.

The souls that rises

The egos that are revolutionize

So we can still drink from the spring water

So we can still lay the body in the warm sand

Or on the green grass and make love to someone who feels us

May we one day shout with joy, nobility and pride for politicians

Who really do what they should do

So we may die in peace and know that our grandchildren will have water to drink and fields to run


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