From another trip deep inside the Amazon jungle and from the depths of the human soul

Every time I'm more aware that nothing can evolve towards love and beauty without confrontation, acceptance and melting of our desires our interests our egos our lies that much we want to grab

taking responsibility for our internal life ... first of all, look inside and be responsible for every feeling every thought and have the honor to say: this is mine no one else I am responsible for my actions and have the possibility of transforming to choose all the time what I am we do not have any future no future only the present and we now have the choice

no matter how many books you read no matter how gurus you ask to tell you how to decide your life no matter how many hours you lose in studies if you do not open yourself to life every moment and beginning to be what you think and say ... or read and hear ....

at every step of this life and ... I do not care .... if I will return in the next life ... it only interests me but the echo of my actions in the eternity of the universe COMING BACK .... .... .... KARMA... SIN .... SKY AND HELL .... can even be an illusion created to keep us AT THE WHEEL

what interests me ... iit's only the ... now .... vibrating into human being.... leaving a legacy that contribute to a better world so that future generations may walk in beauty and respect for all hearts beating forgetting skin colors, nationalities, religions, philosophies

at the Shamanic Soul Retreats we honor the part of your consciousness that connects with the responsibility of being alive and respect for the mystery of life

Ahoo Satya


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