O N L I N E  I N T E G R A T I O N  W O R K

With Satya

Integration Work into your daily life.


We support your transition from a retreat environment into your daily life. We help you to find a way to apply all that you have found for yourself during the retreat into your life, relations and work.

We support you to ground yourself and  give the steps that you need to give for your life’s quality can grow.


After a deep, self-awareness retreat, after so many insights and understandings, as well after such confrontation with so many parts of your being, you became more sensible, perceptive, open, honest, connected and with the willingness to stay closer to our own being.


This Integration Working serves to give you some guide lines and tools so you can do a soft transition into your daily life and benefit from long-term results of what you have learned, so you can achieve what you desire for your life.


Our proposal is based on support and accompaniment that we m carry out after the process so you return home with your experience assimilated.


Life itself is a process of Inner Evolution through self-understanding of what happens to you in your life. The inner exploration inevitably leads us, both in the shadows and in the light. This is how we reach the understanding of the meaning of life.


Psychotherapeutic integration is fundamental to apply this experience to real life.


This Integration Work is born from a need that many clients reveled. Many clients ask how to live from that depth, openness, honesty, love, kindness and true connection that you find in retreats in your daily life? Because, “outside”, what normally you experience is competition, lack of true connection, deep awareness, masks, poor communication, fear of being judge.


With this integration work we aim to give you some tools and exercises that will train you to stay in that deep, real and beautiful inner space, and to live from there no matter where you are and with whom you are. Because the ultimate realization is how you allow your own existence to blossom.


O N L I N E   S E S S I O N S

TIME: 1 Hour each session

All private sessions are held on Skype. Most private clients have a weekly or bi-weekly call for an hour and half. This is a typical scenario, however, you and Satya can set your frequency and length of sessions according to your needs and schedule.