Online Events

Free Awareness Meeting with Satya

It is a 1-hour session when Satya opens different topics, answers to your questions, gives feedback and her perspective to help you grow into awareness, to become more conscious, to find new ways of seeing the situation.

The topics will be viewed through the lens of shamanism, mysticism, meditations, self-inquiry, psychotherapy, spiritual paths from different places on planet Earth.

We will give you the important tools to work with yourself, to support you, to dive inside of yourself, to have different experiences.


Spiritual Activation Day

The Wisdom of the 4 Elements.

This Spiritual Activation Day will be about Shamanism and Ancient Wisdom of the Elements. Unique, intense, and very special Online Event: spiritual teachings and live experiences in the comfort of your home and Satya’s home… many homes, but one vibration, one prayer, one meditation for all.

The Spiritual Activation Day is a day where love matters, where love is stronger than fear, where love is our spiritual goal. Our story and past don’t define us but teach us how to become masters of life. Satya will guide you through your challenges and transform them into resources that you can use in your daily life.

It is an opportunity for you to align and activate yourself with your spiritual wisdom and strengths.


Energy Reading Workshop

Human Energy Field is the manifestation of universal energy that is intimately involved with human life.

At the Energy Reading Workshop, we will tune into our systems' subtle energy and explore the language of our electromagnetic being. 

You will get intuitive tools to read energetic fields - your own and the ones that surround you. Imagine that you know in detail about your energy and about every factor that is draining your intellectual, physical, and emotional power. 

Learn how to become conscious about your own energy and use it to manifest your extraordinary potential.