Awareness Facilitator Training School - 1º Module

Awareness Assistance Is a unique blending that creates an integration between the understandings of Modern Integrative Therapeutic Technics and a space of awareness with Shamanic Ancient Wisdom and Meditation Ancient Practice. It combines different approaches to enable the participants to gain more
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Awareness Facilitator Training School - 1º Module

Time & Location

Austria, Austria

About the event

This program teaches skills for working with people from a space of awareness, at the same time, it offers a profound, personal transformation on the level of body, emotions and mind, and dissolves life-long patterns of conditioning.

We strongly believe that to work with other human beings and support them in their self-discovery journey and inner healing we need to work with ourselves with a strong commitment for truth and spirituality that will unfold along the inner journey.

Health and self-development is not a medical intervention, but a life-long journey that transforms a person’s destiny.

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