“I am very happy and grateful that I have been able to touch the hearts of so many people with my music, and help them to discover their own true nature which is pure love and compassion.” 
Dechen Shak-Dagsay 


For the First time in Portugal, Casino Estoril receive the sublime



Western classical music meets eastern mantra wisdom merged with pop, rock and jazz. An amazing blending of art, culture, ethics and ancient tradition embracing each other as one – creating something really new and impactful for the audience. A new context to enjoy music is born.


DECHEN  sings about strength, about nature, the power of compassion, harmony and sustainable values. The way she and her band, the Jewel Ensemble embodies this message is qualified for an exquisite taste, a spice of multi-culture modernaty that represents our days in this planet and the commitment to rise consciousness.


Dechen is a Swiss/Tibetan artist who has lived most of her life in Switzerland.

Although Switzerland was to become her new home, she never forgot her roots.

She is the eldest daughter of Dagsay Rinpoche, a Tibetan Lama who gave her the transmission of the precious Mantras that she is singing all over the world.

Dechen developded projects side by side  as Tina Turner at Beyonde Project, with Ryuichi Sakamoto at the movie “ Little Budda”,


The Jewel Ensemble have been fascinating all their audiences around the world with the finest musicians from Europe, touching all senses through the magic DECHEN's voice. Her very special way of singing has the gift to bring tangible harmony into human beings.


Working With Satya, the producer for Dechen & The Jewel Ensemble , and the producer for Estas Tonne in Portugal, is commited to bring to Portugal conscious music that provides a magic space for people to travel through the sound into new states of awareness.




























DECHEN sings about strength, about nature, the power of compassion, harmony and sustainable values. The way she and her band, the Jewel Ensemble and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra collaborate, embodies this message: Western classical music meets eastern mantra wisdom merged with pop, rock and jazz. Cultures, ethics and tradition embrace each other as one – creating something innovative and impactful for the audience. A new context for enjoying music is born. With the concert series "Call for a Greater Peace" our endeavor is to send values around the world that are key to all of us: a greater harmony between cultures, people and powers; compassion and sustaining this earth.



DECHEN has a powerful belief in the positive energy that we create when bringing people together with a focus on what connects us rather than on what divides us. In her view Chinese and Tibetans share important, common spiritual roots. ” With my voice I want to guide people toward their very own source of harmony inside – a source of personal peace and a sense of genuine happiness.“


In 1994 Ryuichi Sakamoto asked Dechen to sing for the soundtrack of Bernardo Bertolucci’s famous movie Little Buddha. Dechen’s first debut album, Dewa Che, Universal Healing Power of Tibetan Mantras, appeared in 1999. It was a great success, spread around the globe and was subsequently honored with USA’s Best Spiritual Album and with Switzerland’s Gold Record. Seven more albums were to follow.

The documentary Daheim in zwei Welten (At home in two worlds), produced in 2006 by Swiss National Television SF, made her known to a broad public in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A very special musical cooperation started in 2009 with the project BEYOND. Dechen was invited by Tina Turner and Regula Curti to represent the Buddhist voice on a spiritual album promoting peace and understanding between the various religious faiths. The record BEYOND went gold and platinum in Switzerland.

In 2010 she started to collaborate with Swiss producer and composer Helge van Dyk and brought out her album JEWEL – Joyful Heart through Precious Tibetan Mantras. JEWEL brought Dechen and her JEWEL ENSEMBLE to Hong Kong, South Korea and India in 2012. And as a special highlight she was also invited by Philip Glass to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

In 2014 ASIAN JEWEL was released. In addition to the CD, this album includes a DVD with interviews, Chinese subtitles and a live-concert. The German publishing house Ullstein brought out Dechen`s first book Mantras in August 2014. This book describes her experiences during the last 25 years since she started to sing the Mantras and generate positive effects they had on her audiences wherever she went.

In October 2014 Dechen and Helge were amongst a number of selected artists who received the International TARA AWARDS by Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee from the Sathira Dhammasathan Center in Thailand. This award was given to them for their album JEWEL in recognition for creating peace through music in this world.

In February 2015 the album DAY TOMORROW was released. A modern approach to making the wisdom of an ancient and still fully alive philosophy accessible to many people. This album also carries the message of how we all share the responsibility for sustaining this planet.

In February 2016 Dechen and her JEWEL ENSEMBLE was invited again by Philip Glass to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York.

In April 2017 Dechen performed at the renowned KKL Concert Hall in Luzern Switzerland with the famous ZKO Zurich Chamber Orchestra and her own Ensemble. The entire production was directed by Helge van Dyk. -



09 OCTOBER 2019




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At Working With Satya we are specialists in deep inner awareness work with people around the world, and we felt that we were missing a lighter place for deep enjoyment of consciousness. MUSIC is one of our main pillars to take people into inner work... so, we decided to create moments of awareness where fun, light energy and consciousness can be together. We are committed to bring to Portugal all the musicians that we feel they can create an amazing space that blends fun, juiciness and deep awareness states for the audience. Always delivering a conscious message to their audience rising awareness about that their actions matter and will have consequences in the world around them. Last year we had Estas Tonne and it was an amazing concert and we are sure that this year Dechen will create something very special for Portuguese audience for the first time " 


Satya, Working With Satya Founder