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Learn Medicine Songs
How to play guitar and sing along

with carlos mendonça

Music works with concepts of mathematical language but it is also connected to the affective, social and cultural side of the human being which makes of it a multidisciplinary subject.






These are only some aspects that music can offer, reminding also that music always brings us to the present, to the player and to the attentive listener, and being exposed to music  gives us a feeling of fulfillness and happiness throughout our lives...

  • Improves memory capacity, attention and organization

  • Improves capacity of concentration, discipline, time management  

  • Helps coordination, cooperation with people

  • Expands conscience on the vibrational, harmonic level, as well as on time dimension.

  • Stimulates creativity/ improvisation

  • Stimulates self- teaching from the known repertoire

  • Works on inter-relational level

  • As it works with sounds and language, helps the learning of foreign languages 



Carlos Mendonça is a professional musician, music teacher of voice, drums and flute.

We has been working with Satya directly from the last 8 years. He´s Satya professional main musician.



all sessions are book directly with carlos 

All private sessions are ONLINE.

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons



Medicine Songs & Guitar 

How to play guitar and sing along

A guitar and voice class adapted to your needs where you can learn different techniques of playing guitar and singing.


Through the Voice 

Singing practice and technique

Find your own self confidence 

Raise your vibrational field 

Find your own sound 

Expand your consciousness 

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