Body work

healing massage

Body work


by Inez aires



Inez was born in a family with an old medical lineage, has been walking the Yoga path since 1999 and teaching since 2005.

Started to work officially as a body worker in 2012 in Tulum, where she lived for several years. Up to then, massage, healing therapie and medicinal plants were a constant in her life but as a discipline of study and something to share with friends and while traveling.


This passion called for deeper approach and she dove into Abyanga & Acupressue (from the Ayurvedic tradition), Liquid Flow (a water treatment parallel to Watsu), Thai Massage, Sobada Maya (abdominal massage from the Mayan knowledge) and Reiki II.

She was the responsible for the SPA and Studio at Ahau Tulum,

where was able to practice daily all these techniques and

develop a strong approach to the way she sees bodywork.


all sessions are

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