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Find transformation and healing in the mysteries of indigenous ancient wisdom.

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With your true self.
Into New States of Awareness.
Your inner power.

Imagine yourself arriving to a destination where the time has a calm pace and a warm weather embraces you. You travel for miles, you lose sight of the city and you are stunned by the landscapes that are the true home where we all belong.

You are standing before the invitation of the greatest of all masters: Mother Nature… and She whispers to you: welcome to Amazon Sacred Retreat.


The home of countless sacred plants - world's largest medicinal source - the Amazon, is the ideal place to immerse yourself in indigenous ancient wisdom, which through sacred practices allows us to experience the healing and consciousness-expanding potential that dwells in this powerful realm.


This is the basis of this retreat designed by Satya, where silence, communion with nature and 5 Ayahuasca sacred ceremonies are key ingredients for the transformation you are looking for.

Spiritual Vacation

The perfect blend between time to relax, enjoy nature, but also to grow, learn and empower your ability to recreate yourself.    

Indigenous Ancient Wisdom

Step out of the known world and immerse in ancient rituals and ceremonies, accessing new states of consciousness through sacred plants.

A Shift in Your Life

Discover a new perception of yourself and your relationships. Find out what blocks and conditions you and recall the joy of living.

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“It’s incredible how sacred plants arrived before us and have the power to teach us how to be Humans” - Quote by SATYA


The Amazon Sacred Retreat has its origin on "La Dieta", a practice that is thousands of years old followed by tribes living in the Amazon. It is considered one of the most important traditions, which have allowed indigenous communities to remain healthy and spiritually sane.



Following the ancestral practices, this plant diet will be done in perfect connection with nature. Each of us will live in our own Tamboo, a small wooden bungalow by the river, where the meals - which follow a specific diet - will be delivered to you by the centre's kind team.

During the day you can read, paint and express your creativity - which will be especially expanded - or walk in nature and enjoy the sun by the river.



Every other day, the group gathers at Malloca.

We will be together to think about certain topics, receive teachings and have the opportunity to share insights about this very special time.

It is at the Malloca that the 5 sacred ceremonies of this Diet take place (4 at night and the last one in the morning).

During the ceremonies you will be invited to drink a brew of master plants – Ayahuasca – collected from the jungle and prepared in a sacred way.

Satya's 14 years of experience with plants and the demands she places on her own inner work make her a very special guide on the profound journey that takes place in each ceremony. Satya follows the lineage of the healers and that is why in the ceremonies she guides there is space not only for new insights but for true healing on the level of body, mind and soul.

Dare to discover the unexpected teachings of the jungle!

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“Sacred plants are one of the most precious tools that we have.
They are a key for consciousness that goes beyond any therapy that I know.” SATYA


Ayahuasca is “the vine of the soul”. Its name comes from Quechua’s language: “aya” means soul, spirit or ancestor, and “huasca” means vine or rope. Ayahuasca is a brew made from two sacred plants: Ayahuasca -Banisteriopsis caapi – and Chacruna - Psychotria viridis- both of which are collected from the jungle in a sacred way.

This combination, which is still a mystery to many researchers, is above all a doorway to a direct connection with the deepest dimensions of our being and soul. It allows us to find a detached perspective of our own thoughts, ego games, and to see as never before the way we function and relate to others.

Studies have also been carried out to attest to their function in healing physical illnesses, such as cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Find More Information About Ayahuasca Here:

It is very important that natural psychedelics are taken consciously and with experienced facilitators, as they can put your physical, mental and emotional health at risk. For this reason, everyone who attends Amazon Sacred Retreat is interviewed by a specialist from our team, and instructed on all the procedures they should take before, during and after the retreat.

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• Emotional regulation


• Immerse yourself in your spiritual dimension as never before


• Beneficial effects in the treatment of addictions and other disorders.
• Find focus in life


• Achieve improvements in symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and anxiety;


• Improve your well-being


Satya is a Spiritual Awareness Facilitator Leader. She became the first Portuguese Women Firewalker Master in Europe, a Vision Quester from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a Sacred Pipe Carrier and a Sacred Sweat Lodge Keeper around the world. For more than a decade she has been leading Teacher Plants (Natural Psychadelics) Sacred Ceremonies and helping more than 60.000 people around the world.

On her long Indigenous Path Of Healing & leadership, Satya received teachings and blessings for her work from José Campos, Peruvian Shaman, Carmen Vicente, Equador Shaman, Don Toño, Huichole Shaman and others.


Satya always tried to put into practice what her restless soul was asking her to do. That is why she soon began studying and travelling around the world to discover ways of understanding existence and the human being. She has been inspired by the indigenous tribes and cultures of Indonesia, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, England, Portugal and Kyrgyzstan.

With 13 years of experience working with several transformation processes and therapies, Satya’s main work lies in bringing together indigenous ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques. Satya created her own method and founded the school where she teaches it: Awareness Facilitator School.

Satya has been working with Amazonian Sacred Ancient Traditions since 2008 when she dives for the first time into a profound Diet in the heart of Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

For years and years, she was alongside an experienced healer and the day came when the doors opened to trace her own path to guide people in their own healing and evolution of consciousness.

All sacred ceremonies in Amazon Sacred Retreat are led exclusively by Satya. She guides the entire group on an authentic journey, but each has her hand to go exactly where they need to go at that moment. On the return her gentle attention and strong presence brings everyone back, so that they can then take to everyday life the commitments they have made across the barriers of time and space.
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The Integration Process is a very important stage of this retreat. When you return home you will stay in touch with our team members, receive materials that will help you implement in your life the insights you have gained and you can request private talks with Working With Satya facilitators. Your well-being is a priority for us and we are always willing to provide you with any support you may need.

There are countless reasons why people have taken part in the Amazon Sacred Retreat. Some come because they are facing difficult situations in life, others come looking for healing of the mind or body, or simply to get to know themselves better.

The truth is that they always leave with new inner discoveries, strong insights and unforgettable memories.


There are countless reasons why people have taken part in the Amazon Sacred Retreat. Some come because they are facing difficult situations in life, others come looking for healing of the mind or body, or simply to get to know themselves better.

The truth is that they always leave with new inner discoveries, strong insights and unforgettable memories.

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“Honestly, probably there are no words to describe this work. You feel your life changing and you really start to awake. You find a deep hope, a deep belief that you have this place of belonging in this world. That you are not just a separate human being with some personal purpose… but you really belong to this beautiful home. For me, one of the biggest healings was to find my place, inside and outside of myself.”

Yullia, Ukraine

“For me, to work with Satya is a gift from God. She has a very big heart and I feel she loves everybody, this world, nature and that she loves what she is doing. In these days I’ve been healing my body, my soul, my heart… facing very deep fears from my childhood. And I found a lot of gifts. The support… the people, we became brothers and sisters, and the silence... I don’t know if I got more insights in the ceremonies or alone, in silence, in my tamboo.”

Andrei, Ukraine

“The first time I was in the jungle was 3 and a half years ago. Since that time, a lot of things changed… I feel that I am a totally different person now. I stopped behaviors that were destroying me… Alcohol, toxic relationships. To be honest it’s not easy… it’s a har work, but it is worth it. In one of these nights, I found what is really to love myself… and from my heart I asked Satya to be next to her till the end.”

Yura, Russia


 •  Restore the natural balance between mind, body and spirit, as you will be able to detox and purify yourself;

•  Have time to dive within, disconnected from the external world in total communion with Nature;

•  Be absolutely present in a living paradise that is Amazon and find a dedicated team that will do its best for you to feel cared and safe.
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Helping regreen our Planet. One tree at the time

By participating at this retreat you will contribute and have the opportunity to plant a tree by you at the Amazon RainForest and give back to our beloved Mother Earth.

We want to help reverse the cycle of destruction and turn it into a new cycle of creation.

“You’ll do more than put a seed in the ground.
You’ll make sure these forests can survive for future generations.”



You will be given all the information about Amazon Sacred Retreat, including:

• The retreat schedule;
• All the materials you need to bring;
• The specifics of the diet and why we do it;
• Clarification of all your doubts about staying in the Jungle and working with natural psychedelics.

If you decide to participate, we will begin your process with an interview about important aspects of your life, so that this very special journey can be done safely and so that we can support you in the best possible way from the very first moment.

This life-changing journey is open by application only.

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