Awareness Facilitator is a 3 years Training with Satya.

Is a unique blending that creates an integration between the understandings of Modern Integrative Therapeutic Technics and a space of awareness with Shamanic Ancient Wisdom and Meditation Ancient Practice 

Awareness FACILITATORS provide the tools and the outlooks necessary for those seeking well-being, improved health, and positive energy in their lives.



A wealth of backgrounds, professions, and life paths are welcome to pursue this training. We have worked with community leaders, lawyers, artists, teachers, and many more to help them build upon their personal development and become enlightened guides.

Primarily, of course, we work with those already in fields such as psychotherapy, psychology, or psychiatric medicine. However, we also get many promising teachers from a diversity of other related backgrounds, such as counselors, coaches, yoga teachers, energy work practitioners, and those who teach meditation. Anyone who is seeking advanced personal development from an integrated Eastern, Western, and Shamanic perspective is invited to seek training with us. We can help you learn how to work with others while also developing yourself.


DEVELOP DURING awareness facilitator TRAINING

  • Emphatic resonance

  • Clarity of communication

  • Authoritative but non-imposing presence

  • Modeling appropriate behavior and emotional intelligence

  • Sincere, calm presentation of self

  • Personal responsibility with respect to healing and growth

  • Willingness to accept constructive criticism, ask for help, and adapt to feedback

  • Confident setting and enforcement of boundaries, personal and professional

  • Adaptability and flexibility

  • Stamina

  • Energy readings and transformations within a group or with individuals

  • Healthy, functional teamwork

  • Presence and availability for emotional depth and development of deep personal work

  • Acceptance and awareness of the fundamental mystery of life and the universe

  • Embracing of sacredness and the spiritual

  • Operating with self-ease and sincerity, not taking oneself too seriously


To pursue this training, you will need to dedicate yourself to personal and professional development. Self-healing, inner awareness, and spiritual transformation are the primary focus of this process. Although you will of course be developing practical experience with and knowledge of integrated shamanic, therapeutic, and meditative techniques, they will be learned through practice on yourself, so you must be prepared for the self-development effects of these practices.


An awareness facilitator is someone who possesses one-of-a-kind abilities to blend Integrative Therapy methods with Ancient Shamanic Wisdom and Meditation to create an all-encompassing awareness facilitating technique. The three approaches combine to provide seekers of healing with a deeper compassion and awareness of themselves than they can find anywhere else.

The program aims to teach facilitators how to work from the perspective of awareness. It also builds teachers into profoundly aware beings, with personal, spiritual, and emotional transformation being the key.

Our belief is in the importance of working with oneself and developing a strong commitment to self-discovery before working with others and helping them along their inner spiritual journeys.


This is beyond interventional medicine. We seek to transform a person’s understanding of their own destiny and allow them to become aware of their journeys.

The Training Principles

The training is rooted in the following principles:

  •  The mind, spirit, and body are an integrated whole;

  •  Every individual has depth and authenticity;

  • Every individual’s path and awareness must be developed at his or her own timing and availability;

  • Fundamental interconnectedness in the universe is mediated by the flow of energy;

  •  Connection between the external self and the essential self, i.e., the soul, is the core of intrinsic health, and pathology arises from a disconnect between the two;

  •  Modern psychotherapy has as its focus the experiences of the body and mind;

  • The authenticity, safety, and professionality of our space is paramount;

  •  Soul listening is the practice of seeing and listening beyond simply the language of a client;

  • The process of awareness assistance is a journey for both client and practitioner, with curiosity and experience as the mediators;

  • The individual will always find his or her own path toward healing, awareness, and spirituality;

  • Our practice must always be done within a safe and shame-free framework;

  • Communication should be clear, honest, kind, and authentic;

  • A client will specify his or her own desires regarding outcome and risk, and these must be honored;


  •  Setting a path, triangulating a destination, and splitting the journey into parts gets us started;

  • Building trust with a client who feels there is risk stemming from any aspect of the journey is always the first step;

  • Recognition of past trauma, especially that stemming from past group or individual therapy sessions of any kind;

  • Facilitation of clients who do not yet know what their desires are;

  • Supporting and working with clients who seek to outshine colleagues or who are perfectionists in general;

  • Noticing interconnections in a client’s story or journey;

  • Understanding the Metaphorical Pull-Out: dealing with overabundant emotional responses;

  • The importance of moving clients from one state (emotional or physical) to another;

  • Clients who are stuck, at any stage, can be unstuck with a shadow reversal process;

  • Daily ritualistic practice as sacred duty for well-being and health;

  • Service commitment above all else.


Satya is the  Founder and Creator of the Awareness Facilitator Training.



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awareness facilitator