astrology chart

O N L I N E  A S T R O L O G Y  S E S S I O N

With Marta Gato

Astrology is not a science of stars. It is a science of the Earth, of lives on Earth. 

Trying to help the evolution on Earth, finding opportunities and choices that foster self-consciousness, is therefore, from the web of signs and planets, the purpose of Marta´s work. 

If we add our vital force to the wisdom brought to us through our senses we shall certainly enter our personal journey. 

A journey consisting of transits, of challenges to grow. 
The chart of the sky is therefore a chart of the earth. 
A chart to find the home of each one of us.


“I love the Astrology language, for me is a precious tool to help us to have a more understanding life on Earth.”


A B O U T  M A R T A

She was  Born in 12th of January 1965 at  06h03 am - Lisbon, Portugal.

At the age of 11 she  invented values for the normal playing cards and started  to read them to  everyone.

At the age of 25  she started to study Astrology at Quiron School at Lisbon.

When she was 30  years old she  started to give Astrology Counsel.

She was a Mother of a Boy when she was  32 years old.

At the age of 36 she dive deeply into the study of the Mythological Tarot and since then she is reading and giving consultations.


Natal Chart

Birth Chart is the chart of the moment one is born.
From this chart we can analyse personality, in which we can find out qualities - both positive and negative, conscious and unconscious, mental and emotional - and how they interact, therefore helping to understand this dynamic.
We can also find paths, trends, skills, talents and predispositions to live and fulfill our mission on earth.

Natal Chart + Transits + Progressions

Planets are always moving and it is possible to know the influence they have on the birth chart, which can help us to live the experiences we attract in a constructive and progressive way.